Proven Successful Service

SoftwareCube has a proven record of success in providing services using dependable technologies and practices. Our focus on tested technologies with a proven record of success, a significant acceptance within the IT community, and a high level of support from the providers, makes creation and maintenance of your solutions guaranteed. We continue to analyze and test emerging technologies, determining which excel in extending our ability to develop intelligent information system solutions.

Software Development Technologies

SoftwareCube has selected and built expertise using a specific set of technologies, to ensure a high degree of capabilities and competencies. This gives us the ability to deliver software development capabilities to your organization as we create mature and consistent IT solutions which have longevity and flexibility.

  • Visual Studio
  • Altova Products (XMLSpy/MapForce/StyleVision/MobileTogether)
  • JavaScript Libraries (AngularJS/jQuery/TypeScript/Node.js)

Server & Services Solutions

SoftwareCube has established experience with proven server and services products. This focus enables us to deliver high quality proven solutions with low levels of complexity and reduced operation and maintenance costs. These products can deliver industry leading capabilities any organization.

  • MicroSoft Azure
  • Microsoft Sql Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Altova Server Solutions (FlowForce/MapForce/StyleVision/MobileTogether)

Software Development Methodologies

SoftwareCube believes, and has proven time and again, in specific methodologies for development of products and services. Rigorously tested methods for development of software will always outperform the flamboyant hyperbole given to some rediscovered system development approach.

  • Agile Development and Project Managment
  • Rumbaugh Based Object Oriented Analysis/Design
  • UML; Use Case, State and Activity Design
  • Project Planning & Management with TFS
  • Precise Architecture & Design definition