IT Solutions Consulting

SoftwareCube has been successfully providing IT consulting for over 20 years. Our successes are the result of maintaining advanced skills in current technologies and analytical acumen in a host of business domains. SoftwareCube is the right choice when you want experienced professionals with the skills and knowledge for to achieve your business objectives.

Technology Application

Providing the right solution to address business needs requires an understanding of a range of technologies. The correct technology is not always a hammer, and the correct application is not always to strike. Selecting the technology is important for the solution, but applying that technology is even more important.

Decisions on technology application are critical to any solution. We take the time to understand the business domain before considering which technology to apply and the correct approach to its application. A short sighted decision can result in a less than desirable result, even with the best technologies.

We have focused on developing a significant history of working with specific types of information Technology. Our research and product support in these areas are the result of an understanding of the totality of technologies which serve that specific technology sector, with the intent of identifying the best from a host of deciders which include things such as support costs, applicability to multiple problems, software development resource availability, and long-range product viability.

Solutions Experience

We've provided IT Consulting for a diversity of Fortune 1000 companies in a variety of business domains.

  • Work Instruction Authoring and Editing – APS Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station
  • Capital Projects Management – Intel Corporation
  • Sales / Resource Management / Production Tracking – E.I. Dupont, Apparal & Textiles Sciences
  • IT Architecture Development – Arizona First Things First & Corporation Commission, Meritus
  • Risk Management and Reporting – Liberty Mutual / Liberty Bond Services
  • Sales Analysis and Management Reporting – Legg Mason
  • Administrative Services Management – AETNA / US Healthcare
  • Facilities Security Management – Raytheon Company
  • New Drug Introduction & Sales Tracking – Merck & Company / McNeil Pharmaceuticals
  • Benefits Services Managent – Johnson & Johnson
  • Federal Regulation Adherence – Rhone Polanc Rhor
  • Call Center Management – Expedia / Sisters of Mercy Health
  • Water Purification Design and Sales – BetzDearborn
  • Sales Forecasting and Reporting – On Semiconductor
  • TV Guide Magazine Ad Generation – TV Guide
  • Student Information System – AZ Department of Education
  • 401K Loan Administration – Delaware Valley Financial Services